On the 22nd of June 2017, a Group of well – meaning Nigerians with diverse background got together to chart a new way forward on how the Elderly can live a more fulfilling life in their twilight years.
The main objective of the Group known as 60PLUS ADVOCACY INITIATIVE is to seek the best interests of Older persons through Social Advocacy Engagements and through creating awareness about the plight and social wellbeing of the Senior Citizens. Our role as an Advocacy Outfit, calls for us to be assertive, creative and imaginative. As luxuriated by a renowned Philosopher: “We must invest in the happiness and progress of others in order for us to find true happiness and progress.” The need to lend out a voice to our Senior Citizens in the area of Pension, Housing, Healthcare and the Provision of Recreational facilities was what led to the formation of 60PLUS ADVOCACY INITIATIVE. Elderly protection was also a key because our Elders are the most Mortally Vulnerable Segment of the society. They are also Susceptible to the Vagaries of bad weather and water and air borne diseases. So, we shall be speaking out with one voice and mounting up pressure on Government to provide the Enabling Environment. We shall also be creating awareness about Healthy Living among Older Persons through various interventions like Exercises and Empowerment Programmes. As the International Institute of Ageing says: “The world is in the midst of a unique and irreversible process of Demographic Transition that will result in Older Population Explosion. As fertility rates decline, the proportion of older persons is expected to triple and even quadruple by 2050.” Reverence for Elders is one thing that makes us Africans. It is a cardinal element of our civilized culture. We believe Senior Citizens should be treated with respect. They should have a special place in Buses and in all Public Institutions. In a Dramatic twist, our Older persons are now Euphemestically addressed as “SEENAGERS” otherwise known as “SENIOR TEENAGERS” and they are supposed to be well catered for with the provision of intensive Healthcare Services and other supportive facilities. In a world bedeviled by violence and so much hathred, 60PLUS will partner with the relevant Stakeholders so as to foster unity and we are committed to championing the cause of the Elderly. We will make this Ageless Generation of “SEENAGERS” to feel younger again by recognizing and celebrating them so that they can live with purpose and dignity after their Sanguinary Years. BY DR. COME OVBIAGELE 60PLUS BOT SECRETARY


We are called the Voice Of The Elderly because we..

SPEAK: We lend our voices and ensure to make it heard by creating public awareness on matters that will improve the quality of living for every senior citizen in Nigeria

ADVOCATE: We stand in as intercessors, who gives support to the senior citizens to make their voices heard especially when and where they can’t speak up for themselves.

TEACH: We teach the people to recognize and respect the rights of the older persons

CAMPAIGN: W e campaign against discrimination and abuse of the senior citizen on grounds of age

TRAIN: We develop suitable training programs and train volunteers who are willing to serve as care givers for the senior citizens


60Plus Advocacy Initiative is a non-profit non-religious, non-partisan and non-governmental organisation working in partnership with some local and international bodies to advocate for social justice and quality living for the elderly in Nigeria. We promote the collective interest of senior citizens rights in Nigeria.

We are situated at Suite 33, West Pavilion TBS Complex, Onikan, Lagos, Nigeria.


  • Advocating for the provision of safety nets such as decent housing n quality and affordable healthcare and cheap transportation for the comfort happiness and social wellbeing of senior citizens
  • Creating public awareness on the need to recognize the rights of older persons to better and dignified livelihood
  • Advocating for the establishment of geriatrics units in all health facilities across the country and the study of gerontology in all tertiary institutions.
  • Campaigning against senior citizens exclusion abuse and discrimination on the grounds of age at various for a
  • Advocating for improved and timely payment of pensions to pensionable senior citizens
  • Developing suitable programmes on current social and economic issues that affect the lives of senior citizens
  • Campaigning as well as advocating the revival of the core family values of care, love and veneration for the elderly by members of their extended families at large
  • Advocating for the reintroduction and study of civic education as it affects older person in the curriculum of primary and secondary schools across the country
  • Organizing sensitization programs such as seminars and workshops on the gerontology and the challenges facing the elderly in Nigerian environment
  • Ensuring older people’s right to health is met through a health system fit for the purpose
  • Advocating for improved and timely payment of


We are here for the Elderly.